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Monday, January 3, 2011

Okay now its on!

Last year was a wake up call for me... i got completely smashed at the tables, and its the worst year ive had since ive turned pro online... its funny because each year ive made less and less with the first year I started i was making the most money (500k vpp ftw). I was doing too many -ev things besides sucking at the tables as of late and just playing just to put in hands.... but other then that some things you might want to do before you go for Supernova Elite

1) stop drinking on the weekends so your not hung over on sundays to the point in which you a- cant even play and b- not play optimally

2) stay healthy... very very important. Working out and eating right will help you a lot... thats one thing i was doing before deciding to go for supernova elite on back to back years... i was eating like shit and working out minimally... game time now !

3) stop spewing money in life... shit these fpps are hard earned money no need to blow it on doing stupid things. i would go to restaurants and get stuff i wouldnt even eat... i would take a bite and leave the rest of it, i would get 2 entrees (makes no sense). I made too many vegas trips which were -ev... the list goes on and on

4) plan better... set some goals for yourself... and dont play just to play. i cant stress that enough. everyday try to get better which is something that imma focus more on this year...

If SNE happens this year then it happens if it doesnt it doesnt... all i know is the year that i didnt go for it is the year that i showed the most profit... gotta be more efficient and not just put hands in for the sake of putting hands in...

good luck in those going for it this year... may this year be profitable


  1. Hey- not sure how Parallels turned out for you, but apparently it will work much better with BootCamp (running hem and TN while playing)...

  2. hey nice reading and hope you start having a crushing year (not) chasing sne lol, if it comes it comes right? GL