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Sunday, January 15, 2012


Its been awhile since ive posted on here and all my posted are uninteresting and uneducational but I feel the need at the moment to bitch and complain!! haha.

For those who know me I am now in Rosarito Mexico. Originally I was going to move to Canada but I really hate cold weather and just decided to drive across the border to Mexico instead. I have a roommate who grinds as well so it made the transition much easier. There is a decent size poker base here in Rosarito, grinders that grind many different kinds of games MTT's Hypers, SNGs everything and in such a small area. For those that are looking to make the move and play some online poker i actually recommend it here, its not as dangerous as people may think... the food is good and its cheap as shit. I live in California so its only a 2 and half hour drive from where I live if I want to escape.

So with the new VPP system doing what I did before (grind full ring cash 25-100) its going to be hell to even make an attempt at it. I doubt there will be any Elites this yea from 100 FR cash its just simply impossible unless your sticking in your stack every 10 hands (not literally) for 15-20k hands a day. I mean im pretty sure that I can do it but imma make my life more miserable then it already is so im leaning towards just letting it go finally after 3 years but well see my status ends march or april so ill reevaluate then.

As far as the grind itself... well I havent been getting smashed like I was before I left stars... turned into a small winner over a million hands sample size. I dont think I got much better tbh but I realized some things. I dont really care to share those things atm but maybe in a later post I will. But I started at 25nl now im back to 50 100 200. But things I realized when I was down at 25 was ....

- theres more shit talking down there as opposed to any other stake. it must be small stack syndrome but regs are always talking crap to other regs and its quite embarrassing. i just ignore it but i feel embarrassed for them that they are talking so much smack at 25nl, YES i repeat 25 NL!!!! lol. but now im pretty much back at 100 so i dont have to deal with those idiots lighting up the chat box like a bunch of virgin morons. Its not all regs its just some btw lol

- if you cant beat 25nl might as well give up on poker. poker is not for everyone

Future poker plans!!!

Going to go another round of Vegas with the same crew I went with last time... Were prolly going to live with each other every summer till we die but yes I will be at the WSOP 2012 and I cant wait....