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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Nature of the Beast... Poker in the US

Its been a few years since my last update but just to let everyone know ARIOLIS30 is back!!!
Been putting in thousands of hands again but I just spread it across different sites and just not FTP and Pokerstars.  I tried my hand on Merge (ariolisEH), and BCP on the winning poker network (holaariolis) as well as Intertops.  I also play on a few other sites but I dont want to really out my gamename.  But yes i  amcollecting rakeback w some sick ass deals but im actually playing really good poker and expanding my game to 6 max... uh oh!!!!   Ariolis30 @ 6 max what has the world coming to.  And no im not running 12 10 and not the same nit that everyone has grown to love.  I may not be Supernova Elite anymore but the US poker has some really good RB deals thats super +EV if you know where to play.  I tried BEAST on BCP and got 3rd one month but took a break from that and am working on a +EV game.  And top 10 in like every rake race im in lol.   So in a way im doing the same things but im doing it better.  This is a very encouraging sign.  Being in Mexico and being around poker players taught me a lot about my game when I moved back.  Anyways the whole point of this post was to let you guys know online poker in the US is still alive.... imma bring it back!!!