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Monday, January 24, 2011

Im Taking My Talents to Full TIlt Poker... black card???

"Enough is enough and its time for a change".... I got tired of grabbing my ankles and decided that it was time to flip sights... well for a lil bit hahaha now im kinda stuck on both and going to go for SNE and black card... Since i started 4 days ago i havent had a losing day on it, maybe its cause I play less tables and dont suck as hard when i do... anyways no matter how much i bitch about how miserable I am Ill always find a way to sneak in 2-3k vpp a day...

Anyways I have a new setup now... copilot or pt3 werent cuttin it anymore so I got parrallels awhile back and now finally using wat everyone else uses hem. Its taking me a lil to get adjusted to the new setup but ill have it down w/in a week and be back to grinding my 10-15k hand days. Anyways Im back to throwing in some MTT's into my grind so hopefully I can box some tourneys in the near future.... if your a fr grinding i recommend throwing in some mtts or sngs to keep you from going insane... playing 9-12 hours a day or cash can be brutal at times so change it up every once in awhile and have some fun.

As far as life itself... i havent partied or took a sip of alchy in awhile. I was playing beer pong the other day with non- alchoholic beer!! Why you ask??? Just supporting one of my friends that quit so i dont want him to feel like shit and be the only one not getting drunk. Lets see how long this lasts hahaha ... but yea almost puked playing it not cause I was getting drunk ( dont even know if this is possible ) but mostly becuz of the sheer volume of it. Drank so much i felt like I should have just stuck my finger down my throat and let it all out lol.

Anyways im doing a lot better... not really losing as much n e more working on my game "life could be good again"

you can find me on ftp under "senditariolis30"

Monday, January 3, 2011

Okay now its on!

Last year was a wake up call for me... i got completely smashed at the tables, and its the worst year ive had since ive turned pro online... its funny because each year ive made less and less with the first year I started i was making the most money (500k vpp ftw). I was doing too many -ev things besides sucking at the tables as of late and just playing just to put in hands.... but other then that some things you might want to do before you go for Supernova Elite

1) stop drinking on the weekends so your not hung over on sundays to the point in which you a- cant even play and b- not play optimally

2) stay healthy... very very important. Working out and eating right will help you a lot... thats one thing i was doing before deciding to go for supernova elite on back to back years... i was eating like shit and working out minimally... game time now !

3) stop spewing money in life... shit these fpps are hard earned money no need to blow it on doing stupid things. i would go to restaurants and get stuff i wouldnt even eat... i would take a bite and leave the rest of it, i would get 2 entrees (makes no sense). I made too many vegas trips which were -ev... the list goes on and on

4) plan better... set some goals for yourself... and dont play just to play. i cant stress that enough. everyday try to get better which is something that imma focus more on this year...

If SNE happens this year then it happens if it doesnt it doesnt... all i know is the year that i didnt go for it is the year that i showed the most profit... gotta be more efficient and not just put hands in for the sake of putting hands in...

good luck in those going for it this year... may this year be profitable