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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

For those that are wondering...

I am not a BOT, I am a real person that just puts in a lot of time grinding... ive racked up as many hands as anyone probably in a lifetime but to be honest only around a third of those hands were played while I was paying attention or fully awake. Last year I logged in more than 4 million hands or not so great poker probably because I was so motivated to get Supernova Elite I lost track of what was most important. You have to adapt you have to keep up because the game is not the same and its definitely not as easy as it once was. For example, just try and sit at 200nl tables for a good month and youll see what im talking about. This year though im starting to pay more attention, improve my game and finally make my move... I havent really won anything yet, just a few tourneys but you should be able to find me anytime of the day at Pokerstars under Ariolis30 and Fulltilt under Senditariolis30.... or playing live in vegas or your local casino =)

Just wanted to put my first post up but will try to post regularly on how things are going at least once a week...

Good Luck at the tables everyone